cxcOPC Registration

OPC Registration

In 2005, Dr. Jamshed J. Irani introduced the idea of OPC in India. The main goal of launching OPC in India was to make it easier for entrepreneurs looking to launch a single individual business entity for their business goals. Compared to some of the other types of companies that can be launched in India, the OPC is easier to set up and can be done by a single person. The OPC offers limited liability protection so that the shareholder can benefit from it.

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Benefits of OPC Registration

Less Annual Compliances compared to other Entity.

Easy to raise fund or get Bank Loan.

Hassall free Exist.

Director also gets Limited liability protection in OPC means the director's personal assets are safe if the company going to be in debt.

Good credibility for both Indian Government and corporate customers.

Director also gets Limited liability protection in OPC means the director's personal assets are safe if the company going to be in debt.

Minimum Requirements For
OPC Registration

The Name of Your Business must be unique and prefix of the company is (OPC) Private Limited i.e

The Director/Share holder is same in OPC.

The Director is must be an Indian NRI or Foreign Nationals are not eligible for OPC.

For OPC a Nominee Director must be required.

Consent of Nominee (Our CA/CS will Draft this Document).

Office Address i.e can be Rented or Owned.

Choose a unique name For Your Company

Documents required for
OPC Registration

Scanned copy of PAN card or passport (foreign nationals & NRIs)

Address Proof i.e Aadhaar Card/Voter Card/Driving License etc.

Residence proof of Director i.e Bank Statements, Electric Bill, Phone Bill etc

Nominee Identity Proof, Address Proof & Residence Proof Required

registered office address Required that can be rented or owned.

Scanned passport-sized photograph specimen signature (blank document with signature [directors only])

Document Required For Rented Property Rent Agreement, Latest Electric Bill/Gas Bill/Phone Bill and No Objection Certificate take From Owner.

Document Required for owned Property Sale Deed/Property Deed Latest Electric Bill/Gas Bill/Phone Bill and No Objection Certificate Consent Letter.

Registration Process (steps) for
OPC Registration

Choose a unique name For Your Company

Application For Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Application For Director Identification Number (DIN)

Open bank account and start operation.

Drafting Of Your all Document from our Experienced Team

Drafting of your MOA & AOA for your company

Application For Company PAN & TAN

Application For Availability of your Company Name from Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) which is Choose by You.

RoC issues a certificate of incorporation with a PAN and TAN

How Nexgrobiz can help
you with your OPC Registration?
Nexgrobiz is a comprehensive service provider for business owners who are looking to have OPC Registration services. We offer our services at zero consultation fees with affordable packages that start from 499/- only. The advance amount of can be adjusted on your final bill and the rest of the payments through COD. No hidden fees we can help you to pay your government fees through your computer. We can also hire one of our executives for help you to clear your all doubt and prepare or draft the document which is required for your company registration.

Let's Clear All The Doubts!

The OPC can be a good option for you if you want to launch a sole proprietorship business since it
ensures limited liability for you. The liability you have to your business is restricted to the amount of
money that you have invested for the company. Any business debts that you have cannot be obtained
from your personal possessions. The sole proprietorship business comes to a close once the promoter
dies. With OPC, the business entity keeps on with its operations under the nominee director. This is an
option that is open for OPC owners.

Only Indian residents can opt for registering OPC companies.

OPC companies must religiously maintain their accounting books in compliance with the statutory audit
requirements. They are also required to comply with income tax returns as well as RoC annual filings.

Both private limited companies and OPC businesses have the same capital requirement. The amount of
capital you must have for OPC is Rs 1 lakh even though you do not need to pay it upfront. In other
words, you are not required to invest anything into the business.

There are some limitations associated with OPC. A person who launches the business is the only
shareholder and director for it. A nominee director is also there for an OPC but he/she does not have
any power when it comes to raising the equity funds or provide with employee stock options. It is only
when the main director dies that the nominee can take over. This nominee can be anyone, including a
family member and must provide his or her identity proof at the time of registration.